Natural Portraits and Event Photography

Natural Portraits, out of the studio into the real world


  • The first hour in a location near to me:
    • UK £50
    • Euro €60
  • UK£25 / Euro €30 per subsequent hour
Our life fast becomes a memory, so why not capture those memories in a natural way? The aim of my natural portraits is to give you more realistic photos that will capture your memories forever. I take a more candid and photojournalistic approach to your portraits. Rather than being confined to a studio, where everything is artificial, I photograph you in a more natural setting such as:
  • Your home
  • The area where you live
  • Your children in the comfort of their own environment
  • Your own activity (such as walking on the beach, picnics, birthday parties, sports etc)
  • Your own choice of location (such as your favourite park, beach etc)
  • A location chosen by me
Memories are precious, and our lives are changing constantly. Children seem to grow up in the blink of an eye. The traditional studio portraits capture our likeness, but not our spirit. So my approach is to fade into the background and capture your spirit, your emotions and natural expressions.


Are you having an event you would like to have photographed? Events are perfect for this kind of photography. I can simply fade into the background and capture those special, unique moments as and when they happen. I cover the following and more:
  • Wedding parties
  • Birthday party
  • Christenings
  • Parties
  • Sporting events
  • Retirement
  • Reunions
  • Holidays
  • Corporate events

Buy a print, greeting card or calendar

After the shoot you can buy framed prints for your wall, greeting cards to send to loved ones, or a calendar of your favourite photos Your images can be printed in a variety of ways, one of the best ways being onto a beautiful canvas wrap to make a beautiful addition to your existing wall art at home or even at the office. I can even do company portraits printed onto canvas to hang in the company hallway. Below are a few popular products, you can see the full range on my prints page here.
Canvas Wrap

Size (cms)
Price £
45 x 30 £90
60 x 40
80 x 50
95 x 63 £180
114 x 76 £220
137 x 91 £260
This is an example of a framed canvas print. Canvas material is a heavy-duty plain-woven fabric usually used for making sails, tents, backpacks etc. Traditionally, painters and artists used to produce their art on canvas. But with today's modern printing techniques it's now possible to print photo on canvas. Today's canvases are usually made of cotton because it's strong, long lasting and stretchy. There is a variety of methods of printing onto canvas, but the most popular form is the Giclée print. You can choose from three different types of canvas:
  • a mirror canvas - this is where the edges of the photograph are mirrored around the edges of the frame. This helps to give a 3D effect to the image.
  • a wrap canvas - this is where the edges of the photo are wrapped around the sides of the frame. For this you will lose part of the photo from the front, but is okay where there is plenty of space, but in photos where the composition is tight you could lose part of the photo.
  • blank sides - this is where the whole photo appears on the front and the sides of the frame are one colour, usually either black or white.


Greeting Cards

  • Greeting cards supplied with envelopes
  • Other quanities available, just contact me for a price
Price inc delivery £
A6 Pack of 10
Pack of 10
105mm x 148mm
Pack of 25
105mm x 148mm Pack of 50 £80
105mm x 148mm Pack of 100 £135



A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7” x 16.5”)

  • Tough wire binding and hanger

  • Stunningly sharp digital printing

  • 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover

  • Start the year with the month of your choice

Price: £35 each


Delivery prices

  • 1-2 = £10
  • 3-4 = £15

Contact me to order